Identifying Economic Sectors to Create Employment for Youth in Africa: key findings from selected country cases

14 March 2022

This article presents a summary of the key findings from selected country case studies of the “Growth Sectors for Youth Employment (GSYE)” research programme. The project aims to provide research evidence on the economic sectors in Africa with the highest multipliers and potential to create employment opportunities for young people in the continent.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • identify promising economic sectors or value chains for job creation for young men and women in selected countries in Africa
  • identify the country-specific conditions needed for the local and foreign private sectors to invest in these sectors or value chains
  • identify the country-specific actors that are needed to create these conditions that enhance or reduce investment security
  • identify ways to promote equal access and opportunity for youth to these new sources of work and income, addressing inequality related to gender, socio-economic background, and place of residence

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