Webinar on Equipping Young People with 21st Century Relevant Skills: Key Global Frameworks and Guide to Action - 14 October, 15h CET/ 9h EDT

14 October 2021 - 14 October 2021

Leveraging the recommendations from the Action Guide on Secondary Education and Skills jointly developed by Decent Jobs for Youth and Generation Unlimited together with partners in 2020, the webinar will showcase two key global public goods: the recent ILO’s Global Framework on Core Skills for Life and Work in the 21st Century and UNICEF’s Global Framework on Transferable Skills. The discussion will delve into the catalytic impact of these frameworks to guide action on youth education and employment, their complementarities and opportunities for enhance investments on holistic skills development for and with youth.

  • Share the main recommendations from Action Guide on Secondary Education and Skills and introduce key global frameworks on skills development to drive systematic changes
  • Provide an open space to discuss and engage on strengthening skills development for children and young people  
  1. Welcome and intro
  2. Key messages from the joint action guide on secondary education and skills
  3. Presentation on ILO Global Framework on Core Skills for Life and Work in the 21st Century
  4. Presentation on UNICEF Global Framework on Transferable Skills 
  5. Q&A + Wrap up
  • Ashwani Aggarwal, Senior Skills and Employability Specialist/ Team Leader for Work Area (WBL, Apprenticeships, RPL, Core Skills), ILO​

  • Bassem Nasir, Education Specialist, UNICEF

  • Belinda Smith, TVET Specialist

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