Road to COP28 UAE – G7 Driving Collective Action and Financing on Just Transitions and Green Jobs and Skills

13 November 2023 - 13 November 2023

Background and Objectives

G7 countries, with support from the ILO and German cooperation (GIZ/BMZ), held a virtual knowledge exchange on 13 November. The webinar builds on an ILO supported initiative to Support to improve the effectiveness of development assistance in 'green jobs and skills'.
The session was moderated by Mr. Drew Gardiner, a Policy Specialist at the ILO and coordinator of the G7 initiative. The objective of the exchange was threefold:

  • To provide G7 countries a background on the Just Transitions Pathways Work Programme and expected outcomes that will be discussed at COP28 in UAE.
  • To share example of international cooperation on Just Transitions strategies and programs with a focus on green jobs and skills, to be presented by the European Commission and Global Affairs Canada.
  • To learn about cooperation strategies of the G7 countries on Just Transitions in the context of Green Jobs and Skills.

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Moderator: Drew Gardiner, Employment Policy Specialist, ILO

Work Programme on Just Transition Pathways and international partnerships

  • Ms. Kusum Lata, Team Lead, Impact Assessment Unit, Mitigation Division, UNFCCC

Just transition strategy and programme example 1: European Commission, SWITCH-Asia

  • Mr. Guy Janaway & Ms. Zinaida Fadeeva, EC SWITCH-Asia

Just transition strategy and programme example 2: Global Affairs Canada (Egypt and Vietnam cooperation)

G7 Moderated roundtable

  • Canada: Global Affairs Canada
  • European Commission: INTPA 
  • France: AFD
  • Italy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Germany: BMZ and GIZ

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