The Impact of Phone-based Job Search Assistance on Women’s Economic Recovery From the Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)
What is it?

This is one of ongoing randomized evaluations of J-PAL's projects. This research tackles mainly two questions around gender equality and labour market in Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic: how does the Covid-19 crisis impact women’s economic opportunities, relative to men’s? Can a job search assistance program improve women’s job search and employment outcomes during Covid-19 recovery?

Since the economic crisis resulting from COVID-19 is expected to affect women disproportionately, researchers in Pakistan are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of a job search assistance platform on men's and women’s return to searching for jobs and working during the COVID-19 economic recovery. Project ongoing; results forthcoming. 

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