ITU Academy Training Centres

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
What is it?

The ITU Academy is the main online gateway to ITU’s capacity development activities. It brings together under one umbrella a wide range of training activities and knowledge resources in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and digital development. The primary objective of the ITU Academy is to harmonize and integrate all ITU capacity development products and services.

The ITU Academy is comprised of two main elements:

  1. A content management system featuring information on ITU’s capacity development activities such as:
    • Training courses, workshops and seminars
    • Development of training curricula and course content
    • Global and regional capacity development events
    • Knowledge resources including publications and training material
    • International collaboration and partnerships on capacity and skills development
  2. An e-learning platform (registered users only) operating 24/7 offering a wide range of services such as:
    • A large selection of training courses on topics related to ICTs and digital development
    • Delivery of training courses based on different modalities (online self-paced, online instructor-led, face-to-face, and blended)
    • Ability to register and get instant access to assessments, documentation, certification, active discussions and support from facilitators  and trainers at all times
    • Technical support to instructors on course creation, design, evaluation and training quality standards

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