INCLUDE conference report: ‘Building forward more inclusively’

What is it?

The newly released conference report is from INCLUDE’s online event ‘Building forward more inclusively’ that took place between 8 to 16 June. In line with its objective, the 2021 INCLUDE conference stimulated a number of productive exchanges between over 50 expert speakers, session chairs and moderators representing research, policy and practice, as well as a numerous and equally diverse audience.

The conference report presents the summary of the most important findings, discussions and policy recommendations from the seven sessions, offering  practical input on how to address structural constraints while promoting fundamental, more permanent and inclusive socio-economic transformation post-Covid 19,  in order not to go back to ‘the way things were’ but to build forward more inclusively.


Curious to watch the conference sessions? Click here for the live-stream recordings and visit the INCLUDE website for more information on the knowledge platform.

You can read individual news items dedicated to each of the conference session at the links below:

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