Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan

What is it?

The revised NIYEAP (2021-2024) aims to address the youth employment challenge in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. The review of the previous Action Plan was an attempt to benefit from lessons learned, build on existing frameworks and strategies, align interventions, create synergies and involve all relevant stakeholders in the identification of key priority areas and interventions on youth employment. The NIYEAP (2021-2024) also aims to contribute to the achievement of the Job Creation target of the National Youth Policy (2019) to create 3.7 million jobs annually from 2019 to 2023.


This document is divided into three parts: Part I provides a situational analysis, with a particular focus on young people; Part II identifies strategic lines of action around the “four Es”: Employability, Entrepreneurship, Employment, and Equality and rights; and Part III provides information on implementation arrangements.