Green jobs for rural youth employment

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
What is it?

This is a factsheet that outlines the global project implemented in a mix of selected rural and urban areas of Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Timor-Leste for developing capacity of youth across green agriculture, green energy, and green waste management sectors, and transferable soft skills (problem solving, communication, teamwork, gender leadership, green business development, and financial literacy). 


It concisely demonstrates the project's key outcomes, outputs and derived lesson learned that can be a good reference to develop similar projects related to boost green skills for youth. As main highlights:

  • Youth-led problem identification and solving
  • Youth participants: 20% urban/college graduates and 80% rural youth for rural-urban linkage.
  • Local partnership with training centres, educational institutions, local/national government.
  • Policy mainstreaming of the best practices through national development strategy.
  • Skills development and green jobs (employment, entrepreneurship) opportunities provided in tandem.