Conference on the Future of Europe: European Youth Forum Position Paper

European Youth Forum
What is it?

Young people in particular have a huge stake in these discussions that will impact their current and future realities and the futures of generations of young Europeans to come. It is essential that their views are heard and acted upon during the Conference process and beyond the immediate lifetime of this exercise. 

In light of the above, this position paper outlines youth's main asks for the Conference as follows:

  • Meaningful, diverse youth participation continues throughout the Conference and in all future EU decision making; 
  • A binding legacy mechanism is enshrined in the Conference follow up to ensure institutional accountability for implementing the Conference recommendations; 
  • A Positive Youth Employment Journey is a priority theme factored into the recommendations for action coming out of the Conference process.


The European Youth Forum calls for:

  • Fair remuneration for internships.
  • The end of discriminatory remuneration and social protection practices.
  • The regulation of new and non-standard forms of work.
  • Youth to be a core focus of Recovery and Resilience Funding.
  • The reinforcement of young people’s right to a quality offer of employment, further education or training.
  • Better recognition of non-formal/informal learning, including volunteering by employers.
  • A strengthened implementation of the EU’s social policy ambitions.
  • A prioritisation of the right to disconnect from digital spaces