Youth Development Strategy 2020–2025

What is it?

The Youth Development Strategy (YDS) is the first strategy for the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) on youth development. It outlines a focused and comprehensive strategic framework in line with IsDB’s mandate and 10 Year Strategy (10-YS), as well as with the President’s Five-Year Programme (P5P). The most visible changes that will be evident with the implementation of the YDS, especially over the next two years, will be:

  1. in the MCPSs, which will explicitly address youth issues;
  2. IsDB operations and projects, which will apply a youth lens to its design and implementation; and
  3. internal processes, which will incorporate a youth perspective.

Extensive internal capacity development will be conducted to support the implementation of the strategy.


The YDS has two principal objectives; to support young women and men to be:

  1. productive and economically empowered so as to contribute to the development of their
    societies; and
  2. engaged and responsible, in order to embody and embrace leadership.

The YDS has three interlinked strategic pillars, Education, Economic Empowerment and Engagement. These pillars aim to empower youth to take action and responsibility in driving growth and adding value to the economic and social development of their communities.