YOUTH2030:A Global Progress Report - UN SNAPSHOT SERIES - A Data Companion

United Nations
What is it?

The UN Snapshot Series presents data and insights on the work of UN entities and UN Country Teams (UNCTs) in implementing Youth2030, the UN systemwide Youth Strategy, based on the first reporting cycle in 2020. The UN Snapshot Series is organized in two parts: (a) the UN Entity Snapshot Series, which presents reporting from 33 individual UN entities; and (b) the UNCT Snapshot Series, which presents (i) the UNCT Global Snapshot, (ii) five UNCT Regional Snapshots and (iii) 130 country-level Snapshots provided by the 130 UNCTs.


The UNCT Global Snapshot aggregates the worldwide performance of the 130 UNCTs across the 20 key performance indicators (KPIs) of Youth2030; the UNCT Regional Snapshots aggregate the performance of the 130 UNCTs across the Africa, Arab States, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Central Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean regions.