Unlocking Opportunities for Youth in the Orange Economy: Music in AfricaS4YE did a deep dive on potential opportunities in the Music Industry in Afric

Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), World Bank Group (WBG)
What is it?

S4YE did a deep dive on potential opportunities in the Music Industry in Africa, which is growing rapidly. Access to technology has especially enabled growth in the music streaming industry, creating new opportunities for young African musicians in Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria etc. 

This Knowledge Brief highlights examples of music enterprises in Africa and types of opportunities for youth in the music ecosystem broadly.  The Brief also suggests some strategies for translating music into economic and social benefits.


Some strategies for promoting youth-led music enterprises in Africa include 1) Access to finance to support music enterprises, 2) Targeted music-friendly policies, 3) Support for networks and enabling infrastructure, 4) Enhanced participation of women and artists from marginalized communities, and 5) Human capital development through skills, training, and innovation.