Skilling youth in a post-pandemic world: How business can make a difference

What is it?

An article from July 2021 on a report by UNICEF and WBCSD, which explores the role of business in addressing the global skills mismatch among youth. The report provides concrete recommendations for actions that businesses can take to help address the “skills mismatch” that young people all over the world are encountering.


This new guidance calls on companies to:

  • Develop sustainable skills strategies based on a thorough understanding of what skills they have access to today, what skills they will need in the future, and how they can build tomorrow’s workforce and future-proof their business.
  • Coordinate closely with governments and the education system to create better alignment between demand and supply of skills, while ensuring that education and training meet the standards required.
  • Leverage their voice to advocate for and promote skills development among young people.

Fast Facts