Youth2030: Progress Report 2022

United Nations
What is it?

Youth2030: Progress Report 2022 is the second report on the status of implementation of Youth2030, the UN Youth Strategy. The report highlights how the UN is advancing global commitments FOR and WITH youth; the impact of strategic planning, funding, coherence and coordination within the UN on youth work; and how global stewardship is strengthening accountability, ensuring that No Youth is Left Behind.


In the face of a number of global challenges, the UN system made progress in the implementation of Youth2030 over the past year.

  • Overall, in UN entities, 45% of KPIs were at the 2021 baseline,2 while three UN entities scored in ≥80% KPIs, having already achieved the 2024 milestone.
  • 3 UNCTs worldwide made progress: overall scores improved from 25% (the 2020 baseline) to 30% (2021).
  • Progress was made by UNCTs across all regions, with the greatest improvement in KPIs/scores in the Europe and Central Asia region (11%), followed by the Arab States (9%) and Latin America and the Caribbean (7%) regions.

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