The Youth Declaration on Transforming Education

What is it?

This declaration is presented as young people’s inputs to the Transforming Education Summit Chair Summary/Secretary-General’s Vision Statement. Its aim is to drive political commitment on the need to transform education and build young people’s ownership over this process.


The Youth Declaration process has clearly highlighted young people’s collective sense of urgency to address the global education crisis and other simultaneous and interconnected global challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, growing inequality, conflict, and more.

Young people recognize their key role as active agents of positive change in addressing these crises and ensuring true transformational change—one that is systemic, long-term, inclusive, and representative.

Hence, an overarching key message from the Youth Declaration process is young people’s call to be meaningfully engaged as full-fledged partners, and not only beneficiaries, in education policy and decision-making, working alongside their governments, teachers, civil society, international organizations, the United Nations, and others on transforming education.

Fast Facts