PISA 2022 Creative Thinking

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
What is it?

This report explains the PISA 2022 Creative Thinking assessment and how it is designed to measure students’ capacity to engage productively in the generation, evaluation and improvement of ideas that can result in original and effective solutions, advances in knowledge, and impactful expressions of imagination.


The PISA 2022 Creative Thinking assessment introduces several methodological innovations:

  1. The assessment includes new, interactive item-types based on a visual design tool. For the first time in PISA, some items will require students to produce a visual artefact, rather than construct a written response or choose the correct answer.
  2. The assessment only includes open-ended tasks with no single solution but multiple correct responses. This in turn has demanded more complex scoring methods, based on rubrics and sample responses that were informed by the collection and analysis of responses of many students around the world. 
  3. The worldwide launch of the PISA 2022 Creative Thinking results will be held in 2024.

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