Management of Trainers and Supervisory Staff in TVET: Case study of four African countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Senegal

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
What is it?

This report, based on a study in Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Senegal on the management systems of TVET trainers and supervisory staff, showed that the systems in the four countries have real potential for developing their trainer management systems. These include the Mirador platform in Senegal, which allows for rational and transparent career management; the incorporation of experienced artisans as trainers on a part-time basis in Benin; and Ethiopia's commitment to raising the level of all trainers' grades.

The study also points to a series of weaknesses to be overcome. Overall, countries have limited capacity to plan for the needs of trainers and supervisors. While promising economic sectors are well identified, the link with the profiles of trainers to be recruited and their training is not sufficient. In the four countries, there is also a lack of job descriptions for trainers and supervisory staff, as well as limited use of educational technologies to strengthen trainers' capacities.