Green Works to Support a Just Transition

International Labour Organization (ILO)
What is it?

This policy brief is part of the ILO Just Transition Policy briefs series and is intended to present the linkages between just transition and green works, providing stakeholders with information and recommendations for implementation.

Green works already contribute to a just transition for all. But in order to maximize their significant potential to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation, this briefing calls for:


  • Finance and policy support to stimulate increased investment in sustainable and resilient infrastructure and the development of markets for goods and services relevant for green works (such as “grey-green” infrastructure, new or local farming technologies and nature-based solutions) in various sectors and reallocation of investments and subsidies from sectors that damage the environment
  • Policy coherence and institutional collaboration to support green works as part of a just transition, particularly through public investments in adaptation and their integration into public employment programmes and social protection measures
  • Increased capacity within government institutions, employers’ and workers’ organizations, communities and enterprises to advocate for and implement green works using social dialogue and participatory processes
  • Skills and knowledge development amongst workers and enterprises to implement green works activities, especially those that involve naturebased solutions