Promoting Decent Work in The African Cultural and Creative Economy

What is it?

This report titled primarily aims to investigate and shed light on the challenges related to decent work within the African cultural and creative economy (CCE) sectors. It delves into various aspects of employment and labor conditions, including employment opportunities, wages, working hours, work-life balance, child labor, safety, social protection, and more.

The information presented in this report was gathered through a rapid review and research process, involving data collection and analysis from multiple African countries. The goal of this research is to identify the deficits in decent work within the CCE, outline the impact of these deficits on workers, and propose a phased program to promote decent work in the CCE across the continent.

Ultimately, the purpose of this resource is to inform policymakers, stakeholders, and organizations about the existing challenges within the African CCE, with the intention of developing strategies and initiatives to enhance working conditions, labor rights, and social protection for those involved in the sector.


The main findings of the resource highlight significant deficits in decent work within the African CCE, including precarious employment, inadequate wages, limited social protection, and gender disparities. Three key points of interest from the resource include:

  1. Variability in working conditions: The study reveals diverse working conditions within CCE sectors across different African countries, ranging from formal employment with regulations to informal, precarious work arrangements.
  2. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: The pandemic exacerbated the vulnerabilities of CCE workers, leading to income loss, project cancellations, and limited access to social protection, especially for those in informal roles.
  3. Lack of sector-specific labor representation: Many CCE sectors lack organized representation and dialogue platforms for workers and employers, hindering efforts to address decent work deficits effectively.