Creative Industries for Youth: Unleashing potential and growth

What is it?

This working paper aims to explore the intersection of youth culture, entrepreneurship, and the creative sector. It delves into the challenges related to youth employment and aims to identify ways in which the growth of the creative sector can be enhanced by tapping into the energy and innovative potential of young people. The document emphasizes the transformative power of the creative industries and outlines policy approaches required to promote creative entrepreneurship among young individuals.

A peer review workshop held in 2010 served as a platform for UNIDO projects related to agribusiness and audiovisual/new media technologies. It facilitated the exchange of experiences and technical discussions related to creative industry projects. The goal of this workshop was to share knowledge and insights among project partners and international experts in creative industries from countries like China, Egypt, and Pakistan.

In summary, the resource seeks to advocate for policies and strategies that harness the potential of young entrepreneurs in the creative industries, leveraging their creativity, cultural heritage, and knowledge to drive economic development and innovation.


The main findings of the resource suggest that promoting youth entrepreneurship in the creative sector can tap into the transformative potential of the creative industries, but it requires policy approaches and international collaboration to address challenges effectively.

Three important points from the resource are:

  1. A peer review workshop held in 2010 facilitated knowledge exchange among UNIDO projects in creative industries, drawing on the experiences and perspectives of international experts from China, Egypt, and Pakistan.
  2. UNIDO's focus on the dynamic creative industry sector aims to generate jobs, empower youth, and leverage creativity, cultural heritage, and diverse knowledge to create competitive goods and services.
  3. The resource highlights the need for policies and strategies to support young entrepreneurs in the creative sector, with an emphasis on empowering women entrepreneurs, youth groups, and peripheral communities to harness innovation and respond to new opportunities within the creative industries.