Shifting the Job Narrative: Unlocking the creative economy for youth employment

Meredith Husar
What is it?

The report's core purpose is to provide a comprehensive analysis of Mombasa's creative sector, with a specific focus on youth involvement and skill development. It aims to equip stakeholders with insights and recommendations to harness the economic potential of the creative industry in Mombasa while aligning with the aspirations and talents of young people.

A notable detail about the report is its extensive data collection approach, which encompasses various research methods such as desk research, interviews, roundtable discussions, and a youth survey. This comprehensive approach ensures a deep understanding of the creative sector's dynamics, the factors influencing youth participation, their existing skills, skill gaps, and future trends. The ultimate goal is to offer evidence-based insights and actionable recommendations.

In essence, the report serves as a strategic roadmap for unleashing the creative potential of Mombasa's youth, fostering economic growth within the creative sector, and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders such as government, the private sector, and development organizations to create a thriving and inclusive creative economy in the region.


The main findings of the resource are that the creative sector in Mombasa, Kenya, holds significant economic potential, particularly for youth, but faces challenges related to skill development, monetization, and infrastructure.

Three key points of interest from the resource are:

  1. Youth Aspirations in the Creative Sector: The report highlights that many young people in Mombasa aspire to work in the creative sector as a pathway to making a living, emphasizing that this aspiration extends beyond a hobby or passion.

  2. Impact of COVID-19: It discusses the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the creative sector, underlining the need for resilience and adaptation in the face of such challenges.

  3. Recommendation Pathways: The report offers specific pathways for stakeholders, including skilling and mentorship ecosystems, government and private sector support, market development, and infrastructure enhancement, providing a practical roadmap for harnessing the potential of the creative industry in Mombasa.

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