Youth Panel 2021 1st (2021) Survey Basic Analysis Report

What is it?

To improve youth employment in Korea, KEIS has been conducting a cohort panel survey on youth employment since 2007. Due to the aging of the existing panel, a new youth panel survey has been initiated in 2021, targeting a new cohort. Based on the survey results, KEIS intends to support the formulation of employment policies to tackle youth unemployment and contribute to the development of related research in the international community, through sharing outcomes and evidence from the survey. The lead entity of the commitment is Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), which is funded by Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL).


Since 2021, a new phase of the youth panel project has been established with approximately 12,000 panels of youth aged 19 to 28, which serves as the basis for an in-depth research for producing basic data and advocating for youth-related policies.

The survey includes information on school life and individual educational history, history of job search activities, working experience, career development, job seeking motivation and background of personal growth in South Korea.

Results from this study will be used as supporting data for preparing and
establishing related youth policies such as in education, employment, and welfare for young people in the future.

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