SGDs Digest by the IsDB Group Community of Practice (CoP) on SDGs

What is it?

This SDGs Digest is a biannual publication by the IsDB Group Community of Practice (CoP) on SDGs.


It covers:

  • Cherishing our Past, Charting our Future: Reflection on the Imperative of Solidarity, and Shared Prosperity
  • How the IsDB’s Lives and Livelihoods Fund is Reaching for Nine SDGs with Innovative Programming

  • IsDB Expanding Water Supply Support to Developing Countries: The Case of Sultanate of Oman

  • How IsDB Sukuk is Shaping Development in OIC Countries

  • The Saudi Green Initiative: Saudi Arabia's Bold Step Towards Environmental Sustainability and Economic Growth

  • After 50 years in Development, Is the Glass Half-full or Half-empty?

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