Growing Green - Fostering A Green Entrepreneurial Ecosystem For Youth

International Labour Organization (ILO), Lisa M. Hanley Callie Ham Daniel J. Solana Gázquez
What is it?

The research reviews the entrepreneurial ecosystem to assess capacity to foster young green entrepreneurship and to address the social and environmental challenges. The report considers from the perspective of key stakeholders, primarily those providing business development services (BDS) and experts in the field of youth and social entrepreneurship, as well as government representatives and entrepreneurs themselves. The methodology reviewed and built on existing literature and conducted more than 30 expert interviews in 10 countries (Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka).


Youth unemployment, underemployment, and decent work, particularly for rural youth, not only persists as a global challenge; it is also expected to grow in the next decade. Simultaneously, environmental degradation and climate change pose serious threats to the future of work and are predicted to exacerbate existing inequalities. Therefore, the need to promote growth that improves employment opportunities for young people, as well as addresses environmental and social challenges, is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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