Implementing Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programmes: A Handbook for Practitioners

Nina Retzlaff, Magdalena Geissler, Luis Cervantes, María Alejandra Pineda, Julia Perez, Marina Peniche

A Handbook for Practitioners

What is it?

This practical handbook shares best practices and experiences for the benefit of youth entrepreneurship practitioners, covering a range of areas: outreach and entrepreneur selection, training, mentoring, access to finance, access to markets, business support and aftercare services. Other contributors to this resource: Global CAD (The Centre of Partnerships for Development)

How does it work?

Each thematic section has been conceptualised as a stand-alone document. Thus, as an interested reader you can pick and choose those topics that are most relevant for you.

Why is it useful?

This handbook aims to be a useful resource for practitioners in the field of youth entrepreneurship who are seeking to gain insights into the experiences and best practices of youth entrepreneurship programmes worldwide. 

Fast Facts