Implementing Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programmes: A Handbook for Practitioners

Nina Retzlaff, Magdalena Geissler, Luis Cervantes, María Alejandra Pineda, Julia Perez, Marina Peniche
"A Handbook for Practitioners"
What is it?

This practical handbook shares best practices and experiences for the benefit of youth entrepreneurship practitioners, covering a range of areas: outreach and entrepreneur selection, training, mentoring, access to finance, access to markets, business support and aftercare services. Other contributors to this resource: Global CAD (The Centre of Partnerships for Development)

How does it work?

Each thematic section has been conceptualised as a stand-alone document. Thus, as an interested reader you can pick and choose those topics that are most relevant for you.

Why is it useful?

This handbook aims to be a useful resource for practitioners in the field of youth entrepreneurship who are seeking to gain insights into the experiences and best practices of youth entrepreneurship programmes worldwide. 

Fast Facts