Can we measure the school-to-work transition of young persons with labour force surveys? A feasibility study

International Labour Organization (ILO)
What is it?

The purpose of this tehchnical brief is to examine the feasibility of obtaining data on school-to-work transitions of young persons from conventional labour force surveys. After an examination of the basic concepts and definitions of the ILO’s SWTS, the paper examines in turn the feasibility of measurement with retrospective questions in conventional labour force surveys and with matched samples in labour force surveys with rotation sample design.


This paper starts with the key concepts of the school-to-work transitions (SWTS) of youth and its definitions. Taking a 2015 quarterly labour force survey (LFS) of the Republic of Serbia as a reference with a rotation sample scheme and an independent SWTS, it provides specific methodologies on how to collect and analylse the data pertaining to SWTS, and  suggestions for future application of the methodologies and findings.