UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide Training Material

What is it?

The Youth Advocacy Guide was developed by people of varying ages, with different lived experiences, and a passion for change. It was created through an extensive consultative process, which brought together the voices of young people to support users along their advocacy journeys.

The materials below are designed to be used to host a highly interactive virtual training and support 9 hours (three 3-hour modules) of content. Clicking on the links will prompt you to create your own copy of a Training Script (a google doc) and a Collaborative Workspace for participants (in google slides). Each training must reflect the group that is hosting it, as well as the participants’ backgrounds and hopes. Please adapt these materials to make the slides and content your own. Feel free to share your improvements with the UNICEF Team that will continue to update these materials.

These resources are being consistently updated. Return here for the most up to date versions.


Access the training facilitation guide here

Access the collaborative workspace here


Watch launch webinar.

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