Youth in Development Policy - 2022 Update

What is it?

This guidance note aims to guide USAID and development partners in creating the services, opportunities, and support young people need to develop in healthy ways. In particular, it aims to increase the meaningful participation of youth within their communities, schools, organizations, economies, peer groups, and families, enhancing their skills, providing opportunities, and fostering healthy relationships so they may build on their collective leadership.

  • Access: Youth are better able to access high-quality information, safe services, and livelihood opportunities and build the skills they need to lead healthy, productive, and engaged lives.
  • Participation: Youth have the right to fully participate in decision-making as key partners to contribute to individual, household, community, and national well-being. 
  • Systems: Youth have a stronger collective voice in, and are better served by, local and national systems through more coordinated and effective services, practices, and policies that embody the principles of positive youth development.