Toolkit on Pro-Environmental Youth Engagement

Alexander Suppan, Anaëlle Barthel, Anna Rosa Prasser, Aysu Ahmad, Brune Dufour, Charline Luck, Lara Horvath, Lars Basset, Lili Vessereau, Nejra Selimovic, Pablo Morente Acale, Paul Buchholz, Tara Olsen, Theresa Schlosser
What is it?

This Toolkit was developed by youth for youth to provide hands-on guidance on how to engage and lead pro-environmental change on the following levels:  individual   local & national   international   social media communication

The Toolkit was developed by young authors under the Youth Empowerment and Training Initiatives (YETI) in Europe by UNEP-EU’s ACP MEAs 3 Programme

The recording of the launch event can be found on on YouTube here

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