Skills4Girls Partner Toolkit

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
What is it?

This toolkit has been developed to support adolescent girls’ skills building and position UNICEF as a partner of choice for private and public sector partners who are looking to transform the lives of adolescent girls through skills building.

UNICEF through the Skills4Girls Portfolio is currently working with and for girls in 22 countries to bridge the gap between the skills girls need to be competitive in the 21st century workforce, versus those they have traditionally had access to. As one of the five targeted priorities for Girls’ Empowerment in the Gender Action Plan, investments in girls’ education and skills are a critical pathway to dignified work. Skills4Girls develops girls’ skills in areas such as STEM, digital technologies, social entrepreneurship as well as life skills such as problem-solving, negotiation, self-esteem and communication.

Specific objectives of this toolkit include:

  • Generate strategic, successful and sustainable partnerships for UNICEF’s Skills4Girls Portfolio.
  • Highlight the value proposition of investing in building skills for adolescent girls.
  • Make a case for and demonstrate UNICEF’s credibility and capacity as a partner of choice.
  • Positively influence partners to join UNICEF in transforming the lives of adolescent girls especially the vulnerable, across the world.

Fast Facts