ILO 101 Guide: Organizational values, policy areas, and key programmes and tools in refugee and other displacement contexts

What is it?

This guide was developed as part of the ILO-UNHCR partnership, where it was agreed that each organization would create a "101 guide" for the benefit of staff in the other organization. The "ILO 101" guide serves to provide UNHCR and other partner organizations with a thorough explanation of fundamental ILO concepts, policy areas, key programs, and tools related to its work and values.

This resource is also beneficial for humanitarian practitioners, policymakers, organizations, and stakeholders involved in refugee and IDP assistance, including staff members of UNHCR, ILO, government agencies, NGOs, and other relevant entities. Users can utilize the guide to understand the rationale for collaboration between UNHCR and ILO, explore practical strategies for partnership development, access case studies and examples of successful initiatives, and learn how to monitor and evaluate joint activities. By leveraging the guidance provided in the resource, stakeholders can effectively coordinate efforts, leverage resources, and implement sustainable solutions to improve the socio-economic well-being of displaced populations.

Fast Facts