Handbook on Social Health Protection for Refugees: Approaches, lessons learned and practical tools to assess coverage options

What is it?

Dive into the Handbook designed to empower UNHCR public health and program staff, along with ILO social protection experts, with practical insights and steps for integrating refugees into national social health protection schemes. Explore its user-friendly format crafted to demystify key considerations and streamline the process of evaluating and facilitating refugee inclusion in existing systems.

Uncover the benefits of this Handbook with these key features:

  • Step-by-step guidance: Navigate through clear, actionable steps to assess options and facilitate refugee integration into national social health protection schemes.
  • Practical tools: Equip yourself with a range of practical tools designed to streamline the evaluation process and enhance decision-making.
  • Comprehensive support: Access comprehensive guidance and resources to effectively address the health needs of refugee populations and ensure their access to vital healthcare services within the host country's social health protection framework.

Fast Facts