Gender-sensitive Global Citizenship and Life Skills Education for Youth Launch Webinar

What is it?

This is the first of a series of webinars in the context of a new ROTA / Aflatoun project, discussing the empowerment of girls by equipping them with skills in line with the GCED framework. The Series of webinars will focus on the project areas focusing on youth struggling with widespread poverty, limited access to education and health services, and persistent discrimination and violence due to gender, race, ethnic background, disability, or other factors of marginalization. This is particularly relevant for girls and young women, who face challenges such as restrictive gender roles, early or child marriage, child labour and poor reproductive health. The project will respond to these challenges by providing gender-sensitive global citizenship education (GCED) and life skills, focusing on increasing access to safe and gender-inclusive education services that offer stability, structure and learning spaces for youth.