Techno Blind: Project Echo product presentation

What is it?

This video gives a product presentation of a smart cane, developed by young people from Syria, for people with visual impairments that can detect horizontal and vertical obstacles, inform the cane’s holder of their location, and costs eight times less than similar products in the global market.

In a country ravaged by 11 years of war and conflict, around 28% of the population in Syria lives with some form of disability, 13% of whom are visually impaired according to the Humanitarian Needs Assessment Programme.

Driven by their empathy and concern for a visually-impaired neighborhood friend, when hearing about the opportunity presented by Generation Unlimited, four young people from Homs, Syria, got together and formed the Techno-Blind team.

Together, they came up with ‘Project Echo’ to support people with visual impairment and enhance their independence and quality of life. Their first product is a smart cane that offers several features.