Youth and Migration

What is it?

Course Description

Migration can offer benefits to the young population between the ages of 15 to 24, but this depends on several factors, such as the labour market, access to education and integration. How can countries of origin and destination improve their migration experience? How can government policies empower youth and help them grow to have a successful future? Find answers to these questions and more in EMM2.0 self-paced e-course on Youth and migration.

This e-module explores policy options to promote youth employability, and how entrepreneurship can be a unique livelihood strategy among the young population. It also discusses the increasing number of young people migrating in pursuit of better education. Challenges young migrants face when integrating into a new country, as well as the positive role young migrant descendants have in destination countries are also explored in the context of migration management. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this e-course, participants will be able to identify:

  • intersections between youth migration and employment, education and integration.
  • ways to address the challenges youth face as potential migrants, recent migrants or as descendants of migrants.

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