Harnessing diversity for agricultural resilience

What is it?

From Malawi to Brazil, hear from farmers with disabilities who are rewriting the agricultural narrative. We also explore the importance of racial equity and food sovereignty in global food systems. Finally, we conclude our series on gender-based violence with Alina Luana de Oliveira from La Via Campesina, who discusses efforts to combat this chronic social problem in rural Brazil.

On this episode 

  • Carolina Alfredo Benesse, farmer and disability inclusion facilitator, SPARK Programme, Mozambique
  • Alina Luana de Oliveira, national coordinator of La Via Campesina and part of the LGBTQ+ collective of the Landless Workers' Movement, Brazil
  • Leah Penniman, co-founder and co-director of Soul Fire Farm, US
  • Emily Simika, farmer with disability, Malawi

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