The ‘youth burden’ needs a new narrative and how we respond to Covid-19 in conflict zones can change it

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
What is it?

COVID-19 does not only cause multidimensional strain accross sectors but also provides an opportunity to accelerate innovation by bringing collective actions, particularily among young people regardless of fragile and conflict-affected settings – one in every four of whom live in such areas.

In this light, this article is to present how youth in MaliCameroon, South Sudan, Syria and Haiti have acted with exemplary resilience, and in proactive and innovative ways, to support their communities. 


  • Youth-led peace and security starts at the local level by leveraging digital technologies and youth-driven networks 
  • Covid-19: an opportunity to reiterate commitments to youth in peace and security pledges
  • Active youth participation requires a refocus on long-term economic inclusion