PROSPECTS in Uganda at a glance

What is it?

PROSPECTS in Uganda: At a Glance

Explore a concise overview of the PROSPECTS program in Uganda, designed to enhance economic opportunities, social protection, and resilience for refugees, host communities, and vulnerable populations across the country.

  • Addressing Refugee Challenges: Delve into PROSPECTS' targeted interventions aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by refugees, host communities, and vulnerable populations in Uganda, including limited access to employment, social protection, and livelihood opportunities.

  • Empowering Communities: Discover PROSPECTS' initiatives focused on empowering communities through skills development, entrepreneurship support, and job creation programs, enabling individuals to build sustainable livelihoods and achieve self-reliance.

  • Fostering Social Cohesion: Learn about PROSPECTS' efforts to foster social cohesion and harmony among refugees, host communities, and vulnerable populations, promoting dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding to build stronger, more inclusive societies in Uganda.


  • Youth Engagement: Highlight PROSPECTS' focus on youth engagement and empowerment, leveraging innovative approaches to equip young people with the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to thrive in Uganda's dynamic labor market.

  • Gender Equality: Showcase PROSPECTS' commitment to gender equality and inclusion, ensuring that interventions address the specific needs and priorities of women and girls, and promote equal access to employment, education, and economic opportunities.

  • Partnership and Collaboration: Emphasize the importance of partnership and collaboration between government entities, humanitarian organizations, UN agencies, and local stakeholders in implementing PROSPECTS interventions and driving sustainable development outcomes in Uganda.

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