The Future of Work Podcast Episode 53: The social justice challenge for African youth

What is it?

The podcast episode discusses the importance of social justice, particularly for Africa's youth. The episode delves into the significance of World Day for Social Justice, emphasizing the need to address issues like poverty, inequality, and unemployment, prevalent in Africa. Guests from South Africa and Zambia share their perspectives on social justice and decent work, highlighting the importance of equal opportunities and practical skills training. The ILO's Regional Youth Employment Specialist for Africa provides insights into the youth employment situation in Africa, focusing on the economic challenges and policy recommendations. The episode underscores the importance of amplifying youth voices, engaging them in policy design and implementation, and fostering partnerships with youth-led organizations to address the pressing issues of social justice and decent work in Africa.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on what social justice means to you, please do so with the hashtag #socialjusticeday.